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WHO is Tristen?
I am shrouded in a veil of mystery, and will always be.
I am enigmatic, erratic and kakorrhaphiophobic, and will always be.
I am born in the mystic month of July.
The rest shall be a mystery.
I hope you dont mind my abstruseness.

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Friday, November 20
Transportasi. / 3:14 PM

Ive mooooooooooooooved!

My old posts will still remain here. New posts will be at the new blog. Thanks. You dont have to relink, but you can if you wanna :D

Tuesday, October 20
Post / 8:36 PM

Heart, body, mind and soul. In all, yourself.


Saturday, October 17
البراز لي را / 6:51 PM

A message to a special someone:

أغفر لك حتى ولو كنت غير نادم ، وحتى لا تستحقها.

3 more days to Cl exams... supposedly no wan cheng ju zi and tian xie han zi ( creating setences and filling in the blanks)... so should be okay i guess.

English: I didnt know what rapacious meant. I put hungry.
Math: I HATE
Science: Couldnt balance one eqn...
Cl compo: Can you believe the topic for si han (letter writing)is on Ris Low? =.=. It was, well, not really boomz.
History: Didnt know what the SBQs were about. Whats with the far east info? Singapore pls!

I have no idea whether its a lack of preparation( i dont think so), me being intellectually challenged (maybe) or the setters were really evil(definitely).

Im gonna go ballistic after exams are over :D

YAy! הללויה!

Friday, September 25
Drill / 7:00 PM

Does phenolphtalein turn cloudy in neutral sols?


Monday, September 21
青い鳥 / 5:49 PM

飛翔(はばた)いたら 戻らないと言って
目指したのは 蒼い 蒼い あの空

"悲しみ"はまだ覚えられず "切なさ"は今つかみはじめた
あなたへと抱く この感情も 今"言葉"に変わっていく

未知なる世界の 遊迷(ゆめ)から目覚めて
この羽根を広げ 飛び立つ

飛翔(はばた)いたら 戻らないと言って
目指したのは 白い 白い あの雲
突き抜けたら みつかると知って

振り切るほど 蒼い 蒼い あの空
蒼い 蒼い あの空
蒼い 蒼い あの空

愛想尽きたような音で 錆びれた古い窓は壊れた

見飽きたカゴは ほら捨てていく 振り返ることはもうない
高鳴る鼓動に 呼吸を共鳴(あず)けて
この窓を蹴って 飛び立つ

駆け出したら 手にできると言って
いざなうのは 遠い 遠い あの声
眩しすぎた あなたの手も握って
求めるほど 蒼い 蒼い あの空

墜ちていくと わかっていた それでも 光を追い続けていくよ

飛翔(はばた)いたら 戻らないと言って
探したのは 白い 白い あの雲
突き抜けたら みつかると知って
振り切るほど 蒼い 蒼い あの空
蒼い 蒼い あの空
蒼い 蒼い あの空


Saturday, September 19
EMD+ free cold / 7:24 PM

That stands for Evening of Music and Drama. Oh, you mean that.

Ah yes. Perhaps i drank Iced Tea in a FREZZING cold air con place.

Anyway, EMD was great. Under Dev's eloquence, i bought a ticket and went with cake to watch the show. SOme were good, some werent, but the best was Mel's Talkshow. It was sadonic, cynical humour ( the kind i get and quite enjoy) and it was also chick flick at times ( the kind which i also liked). I was ROFLing . Literally. Until Cake and some other girl beside me looked at me as if i was insane. I then stopped.

The emcees relied too much on their scripts, and when there was a part when the show was not ready, the atmosphere... was kinda awkward. But other than that, Sanjeev and the other boy were quite funny. No one laughed during their MJ spoof.

I swear the ElDDS were $$$ broke. Besides paying $4 FOR OUR OWN AUDIORIUM ( ...), we had to pay for our own refreshments. The teachers had it free. XP.

I saw Mr Daryl's son then. So cute! He waved at me and i waved back. Then he started crying. No la, jkjk. Cake (Tomus) completely vamoosed, so i saw Hadi + gang and went over to say hi.

It ended about 10.30 ish.

If i were a critic, i would give it four points. It was gr8, but i'd rather the venue be at Jubilee Hall. (:

Practical nxt friday. AAAAAAAAH!

Wednesday, September 2
revelations / 9:03 PM

I officially quit saying i'm busy blogging. :D

Good news: YOU KNOW! Its kinda happy and sad. Im gonna miss my dear RSP peeps and teachers and of course, mempelajari Bahasa Indonesia . Kasihan di dlm program VIP tidak boleh belajar BI! it totally SUCKS :( I'll still learn at my own pace, but i'll be very noobie soon. HAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, the RSP boys did somethign stupid today.. (*ahem) Im gonna keep it under wraps. We wont do it again and wait for doors to open yeah... heheh.

I cant believe the giant things im gonna expect and the giant things im gonna leave behind.

Is it worth it?

For a pursuit to a finer institution? I guess so.

Maybe its time for me to go find my own life path. A new life, a whole new adventure.

Im definitely doing a sport. ****** or ******* or **** or *******.

Heres one last request. Do spam the cbox if u hv time. HEHE.

sampai jumpa! ( ill use more BI... not long i hardly use it agn). KASIHAN KASIHAN KASIHAN!